Sonic Pi + Axoloti =?

The Axoloti looks the synth for me a hardware synth (so no pesky shifting sands of a general purpose OS) but is programmable a bit like PureData.

Anyone used one with SPi?

PureData ought to be the one for me, but very few of the massive community of patches actually work sadly. ‘Cannot find…’ ‘Requires blobfinger…’, ‘blobfinger requires zumxam…’ and so on…

Hi Soska,

I was in the Axoloti beta team before it’s initial release, and know Johannes, the inventor, really well.
I used Axoloti with Sonic Pi often. I built one Axo in this old tv tester:
image . I now own four axo’s. The community is wonderful btw. . I have a lot of friends who use them as well.


That looks fantastic! I was wondering about a case - that’s magic.

If I could order one, I would. But they seem to be permantently out of stock. Do you happen to know the situation?