Slides from CamJam talk on Sonic Pi and OSC

Last Saturday I gave a talk at the Cambridge Raspberry Pi Jam entitled Sonic Pi and OSC
The talk covered a wide range of examples utilising sending and/or receiving OSC messages with Sonic Pi, and I thought it might be useful to publish two pdf files. The first has the slides used in the talk and the second has miniatures of the sldies together with speaker notes on each slide.
The last slide contains lots of links to the various projects discussed.
I think eventually there may be a video of the talk published.



thank-you so much for all you do sharing the joy of creative coding. You’re amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !
ps : just a typo in the title. May be corrected to find it easely by search.

Thanks for spotting this - I hope @robin.newman doesn’t mind that I’ve fixed it for him :slight_smile:

Hmm I had spotted it but left it as I’d published the link on twitter., and the name is part of the link.
Maybe I’ll put the twitter link out again.

@robin.newman changing the title shouldn’t change the link - that should still work :slight_smile:

The link is now

it was previously listed with a misspelt slides in the link, but you are right it still seems to work.

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Yes, it appears that you can put anything in the title space of the URL and it still works. Clearly it’s the number at the end that’s important: