Sanity check OSC RPI

Just to be sure.

Can I use my sensors with raspberrypi and osc them to sonic pi on the same rpi?

Because I found a lot of examples as the one below. But nothing is happening.
And I have expierence with esp2866 osc to sonic pi on my desktop.

from pythonosc import osc_message_builder
from pythonosc import udp_client

sender = udp_client.SimpleUDPClient('', 4560)
sender.send_message('/trigger/prophet', [70, 100, 8])

sonic pi

# Welcome to Sonic Pi v3.1

live_loop :foo do
  a, b, c = sync "/osc*/trigger/prophet"
  synth :prophet, note: a, cutoff: b, sustain: c

Kind regards!!

Are you using the version of Sonic Pi that came with Raspbian? I believe that version is broken, and OSC/MIDI don’t work.
You might want to try the latest version built by @robin.newman which you can get here.