Sample pack recommendations?

Looking for a useful pack of samples that I could use in SP. Preferably free!

Any ideas?

Hi @birv2,

have a look at these seminar resources. If you do and should spot something which is not up to date anymore I will be grateful for a note :wink:


Zowie!! What a list of resources. Would it be ok with you if I linked to it for my own presentation? There’s no way I could duplicate this!

And thanks for the reply. I’m digging!

Yes, sure, do whatever you like. But note: some of the text is in German…

It is on Github. You can download (resp. clone) and adjust it to your needs, can’t you?

Yes, never even thought of that. With Google Translate, I don’t think sources in another language is quite the barrier that it used to be! Thanks again.

And if Martin hasn’t provided enough to get you through, I beleive
there’s also a stickied thread somewhere on the forum, of ;lots
of samples and resources… I just cant put my hand on it. frustration


EDIT: Ah… got it! Free Sample Libraries.... whats out there


And I just found the Commodore 64 sample pack! Are you kidding me? Nostalgia nirvana!

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Is it this?

That would be it. Go wild matey :slight_smile:


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Wow! That’s a big hit. Thank you so much @Martin!


Hi there,

be careful with the licensing. I normally stick to CC0 licensed samples to avoid any problems. That way I can even distribute the samples, be it in a changed or unmodified form.
Maybe helpful if you maybe want to sell your music or whatever :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the heads up. I can’t imagine selling my music under any circumstances ever, but I do try to be aware of copyright.

Update of link to seminar resources including sample downloads.