Prototype (+proposal) for external Sonic Pi reference documentation

hey folks,

as far as I understand the Sonic Pi reference documentation is only available in the internal help of the application. The tutorial is instead also available on the website.

After commenting on this discussion, I was motivated enough to try pulling it out and make it available outside of Sonic Pi. As a complete beginner to Sonic Pi I find much easier to have an external view to explore the docs and samples (imo the in-app help of SonicPi at FullHD resolution is slightly crammed into the GUI).

So I’ve spent some time hacking a script that - given a git checkout of the Sonic Pi code - will build a pure HTML version of the reference (synths, fx, samples, lang and examples). I’ve reached a state where it is good enough for me (:tm: 2023) so I’d like to gather comments and suggestions.

This unofficial HTML version of the reference documentation is available at:

If this experiment is getting traction I could be motivated to bring it to a state where I feel comfortable submitting a patch to the project. The ideal goal would be to merge my work upstream.

@samaaron what do you think? I will publish a fork of Sonic Pi soon but basically I’ve duplicated + modified the app/server/ruby/bin/qt-doc.rb and added a few static assets. This script can be easily plugged into the app/, the build process of Sonic Pi will do the rest.

Thanks to @SunderB that prototyped something and inspired the idea (also borrowed some code from their website - thanks! :heart: )
cc: @ethancrawford that 1y ago mentioned was working on this

happy hacking!