No Sound in Octave 2 and 3

Hello all,

I’m new to Sonic PI and getting handle on all the functionality.

I started playing different octaves with simple notation:
i.e play :C4

I can here all ocatves >=4 for all notes in the key, but my computer doesn’t play sound for octaves 2 and 3.

Has anyone encountered this situation?

Thanks for any help!

Low notes can be hard to hear unless you have quite a good speaker system with a good bass response. Also, some synths including the default :beep (also ;:ri) are very quiet for low notes. try using :saw, or :tb303 for example and you should be able to hear octaves 2 and 3 OK.

#this plays C major scale for octave c1,c2 and c3
use_synth :saw
live_loop :low do
  play scale(:c1,:major,num_octaves: 3).tick,release: 0.2
  sleep 0.2