New to in_thread and Patreon for MIDI music education

Be gentle with me !
I am retired senior with background in technology for presentations and performing.
I am NOT a MUSICIAN but a ROADIE of sorts.
In the 60’s I was a bass player and ran 16 mm cameras for the school.
I was into loud and connected.
The band fizzled and in the 70’s I discovered the MOOG MINI and later worked for ARP here in Lexington , Mass USA.
I acquired an Octave CAT then later a Roland Juno-60 replaced by Juno-106.
I had a serial RS-232 to MIDI box built to connect the Juno to a mainframe computer and play "Ghost Busters"
Also got a librarian editor hacked together but it was native to a DEC VAX 11/780 computer.

I was responsible for back room experiments and connecting an in house cable TV with 3 meter satellite dish to smaller workstation through patented electronics that combined the analog TV with the RGB workstation signals.

Now in 2018 I want to connect the NEW Roland Go:Keys 61k to a System 76 Lemur laptop that was designed to support running Linux without hassles.

I added the Ubuntu Studio layer and am at 17.10 which is 2017 October release. Next is 18.04 in April.
The Sonic Pi available is 2.10-repack 2 that does not appear to work correctly so I will help make it work.

I also want to support Sonic Pi to make it work with Raspberry Pi 3 and the System 76 laptop.

I started at Patreon Creator although I really don’t create as much as connect things.

I be watching here and elsewhere to get Sonic Pi running for Pi Day 2018 if I am successful.

Lee T. Davy
Cool Games Network
Event Video Multimedia

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Sounds like you’ve had an interesting life, my friend, with more to come no doubt.

I’m 60 myself, and there are a few other oldies around. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to Sonic Pi land,