Midi -> CV/Gate?

So I’m having some success driving my modular setup from Sonic Pi via a Hermod Squarp sequencer -


I can generate CV messages very nicely using midi_note_on and midi_note_off, but haven’t so far been able to simulate a Gate message - any thoughts about how you might do this given the range of Midi commands available to SP ?

[yes I know I can still do midi_note_on/off, but sometimes I need to generate both messages separately to trigger a sound source properly - the CV controls the pitch, the Gate is reqiuired to signal the beginning of the envelope]

I think that your question is more relevant to the Hermod than to Sonic-Pi. I’ve tried briefly to look at the manual and I think that it will be better to look at the forums for this device or to the Pyramid machine they produce. There must be some special custom trick on their side to trigger the Gate.

Hmm I think that’s probably right.

Looks like Hermod has Effects -> Midi -> Gate Retrig which will do the trick -

If enable, the track will trigger the gate output each time a new note is overlapping an other note, in order to break the glide/legato. In other words, when a new note is sent to the CV output, the GATE output will always be triggered.

Still, midi on/off to trigger a sample feels like overkill. Couldn’t a single midi CC message trigger a sample ?

BTW @samaaron the Ubuntu 18:04 build script just worked and was great :slight_smile: