MIDI control problem

Hi, I am a student who is beginning to learn Sonic Pi.
I have a question about that I used sample MIDI controlling code in tutorial.

This is my program.

When I play Triads many times, Sonic Pi can catch all notes but the live_loop sometimes only synth one or two notes.

Could someone tell me how to solve it?

Hi and welcome
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Looking at your code and the cue log, it looks like you are using a keyboard that uses separate note_on and note_off triggers.
The way Sonic Pi generates notes is that you have to specify a start time and a duration in order to play a note. With a keyboard sonic pi doesn’t know how long the note is going to be when you press the key down. There are two possible solutions.
The easiest way is to assume a length for the note. This is supplied by means of the sustain: parameter. If you don’t supply one it is assumed to be 1 beat, which at the default bpm of 60 lasts for 1 second, then dies away. This may explain why your netes seem to be lost if you play too many close together. You could try more staccato notes using
synth :piano, note: note, amp: 1, release: 0.2 for example which would play notes which died away over 0.2 beats
The harder solution is to start each note playing with an arbitrary long time (say 5 seconds) and use the note_off symbol to kill the note when the key is released. (On many keyeboards note_off is signified by using note_on with a velocity parameter of 0).
I have developed programs to use this second method, and it works well playing aSonic Pi synth with an external keyboard. I wrote an article here which shows how it works. If you select the link to the revised-simpler-polyphonic-gated-synth-using-sonic-pi-3 and use the second version of the program which is designed for keyboards that have separate note_on and note_off signals that should work for you. (the program is called simplepolysynth2.rb


Thank you, Your suggestion is useful.