Max Length of Samples?

So, I have an idea of speeding up Metal Songs, and making Metal Nightcore.

One of my ideas was to take a 89 minute, one song Funeral Death Doom Album, and make it 2-3x faster and play with effects and such on it.

The Problem is, when I load the 89 minute sample in, I think it is too big for Sonic Pi to read.

When I puts the sample_duration, it comes back as NaN, so that’s where I’m getting that conclusion from.

If anyone knows the max time or size of the sample file, can you tell me so I know how small I need to cut this sample up into?

Also, the song is below. I love this album, but I love the meme of speeding it up.

How many mb is the sample?

840 MB.

Seems right for an 89 Minute song. :joy:

why not convert on another format to save place?