Is there alternative UI Themes for Sonic Pi? If not I would like to make one, if someone could help me a small bit

Ok so, I have a really hard time with both the two themes, they hurt my eyes. I never use a white theme on any application or website if possible. And the dark theme has bright neon words which hurts even more.

So if there isnt other themes out there, I would really like to add a theme, something much calmer and soothing like this:

Problem is I am a noob at programming, but I have some knowledge.

I went to the github and downloaded the most recent build, but then I read the instructions on everything you need to do to get it up and running and said screw that, haha.

So, if I am not mistaken, the themes are stored here:

The colors are hexidecimal which I know how to use, and I am a artist first. So, lets say I duplicated one of those themes and went through the colors and altered them make a nice theme. What would I have to do to actually finish the thing and be able to use it?

Hi @LuminousDragon,

I’m planning on making theming a feature available to Patreon supporters. I’ve already done all of the groundwork for this and in the next release, it will be possible for supporters to create a special text file which will allow specific colouring of every part of the GUI to be defined.

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Oh wow, that is super cool, thanks!

Hi Sam,

There any news about this topic?

If not, how can I help you?