How to move SP data path to a shared directory

Hi everyone,
I have mutliple windows devices at home. I like to pop from one to the other and I would like to be able to share the default git repository located at ~/.sonic-pi/store. Ideally, I would have SP see this path somewhere in my OneDrive. This way, when I finish drafting a piece on my laptop I can move to my workstation and take it from there. Is there a way in SP settings to make this configuration?
Thanks and stay safe.

hi @lagtac

maybe you can add ~/.sonic-pi/store to you OneDrive configuration. no ?

Thank you @nlb. I don’t think you can add a non OneDrive folder to OneDrive.

ok weird but i haven’t tried with oneDrive cause M$. But maybe you could with another cloud service storage.
You can use a repo git to synchronize this folder. i use a git repo to save the only “good files” i code.

Oh that is good. I will do it with git. I wonder if you can use init.rb to fetch the repo automatically.
Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.