How to automate a full song? (Equalize and adding samples over it)


I’m just doing some research about how to do something. I’d just like to do my own version of some songs using Sonic Pi.

The idea behind this is that I have a song that acts as a sample, then I would like to do two things.

First, I would like equalize the bass (in order to remove it) of that song from a given JSON data that tells me at which time do I need to remove them.

Second, I would like to add my custom bass sample at those times I previously selected.

I do something similar in FL Studio easily, there is a screenshot to give you an idea of what I mean:

As you can see we have three channels, one for the song, the purple one with the new basses and the yellow one with the custom automation that suppress the original bass from the song.

I’m looking in the forums about how to work with channels but I don’t see any clear examples.

How do you recommend to me to do this?

I’m thinking about creating a Sonic Pi script that gives me the same song without basses. Then another script that gives me the pattern of new basses. And then the last one which gives me the mix between the two rendered songs.

But I’m new here, so any suggestion is welcome!


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