How do I organize my private utility files containing stuff that will make my SP IDE life easier?

I want my SP IDE to look like this:

<Import><Ruby-stuff that makes my live session easier>

<Do my live music stuff>

I have a directory somewhere on my PC (<utilDir>) where all my utility stuff is stored.
As of now I have three files (Matriarch.rb(subclass), Kronos.rb(subclass) and ExternalMidiDevice.rb(superclass)) that I want to <import> into the SP IDE.

I have tried “run_file” and “load” (and perhaps some other ways I cannot any longer remember :slight_smile: ), but however much I try, I get different kinds of problems, like timing and superclass mismatch etc.
(using “run_file” with one Ruby file with one class and no inheritance is no problem, at least if I do a sufficient number of runs to overcome the timing problem)
What are the best SP practises for solving this problem?

I am on Win10, SP 4.3

Hi there,

if you’re using any Ruby constructs that aren’t specifically mentioned in the tutorial - for example class, module etc. then this is definitely unsupported and is not designed to work.

If it does work, then that’s great - by all means use it, but it may break in the future without warning. Also, as you’ve noticed it may or may not work and may even work differently with different loading mechanisms. In essence, it seems that you’re already running into the kind of undocumented behaviour you should expect when going ‘off piste’.

If you stick to the constructs described in the documentation then run_file and load should work perfectly and any issues should be considered bugs and I’ll look into fixing them. Anything out of scope is unsupported and won’t be considered for fixing.

I hope that this makes sense.

Yes, I have understood that about the future and compatibility and the potential FP direction of SP. But I thought maybe somebody in the forum accidentally knew how to do such a risky affair as I want to achieve. :slight_smile: