Helping me geting the codes of these songs

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You could try searching for the name of the song + “tab” and you will often find that someone has already transcribed the song into tablature (an easy to read text format) that shouldn’t be hard to convert to Sonic Pi code.

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@emlyn,Hi I didn’t get the point.Would you mind to explain it to me more detailed or step by step how to do it

Find and read tabs/notation and transform that to note names / midi notes one by one in Sonic Pi. There is a nice tutorial for doing just that. There are also some scripts that can play or transform midi files to sonic pi code automatically (search midi to sonic pi in the forum for that).

… and welcome and have fun live coding! :slight_smile:

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@ALEXIS123 sorry if I wasn’t very clear.
I’m not sure what the names of the songs are, but I think that the first one for example is based on the 12 bar blues, so if you search Google for “12 bar blues tab” you will find lots of examples where people have already transcribed the basic notes into a simple text format. You can use that to work out the notes, and use the useful link provided by @amiika to convert them to Sonic Pi code. I don’t have time to go into more detail now, but hopefully that helps.

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