Hello From Angola - Africa

I´m new here at with Sonic Pi. i’m learning with objective to teach Angolan youth how they can make music with code.
Anyone have some suggest for me?



Wonderful to hear that you’re going to use Sonic Pi to spread the joy of creative coding in Angola. We would all love to hear of your journey doing this.

In terms of getting started, I would work through the tutorial yourself first to get a feel for what Sonic Pi is and can do - https://sonic-pi.net/tutorial.html

Then I would look at some of the many existing resources that are available - Sonic Pi Online Resources

My personal favourite is the Mehackit learning materials - http://sonic-pi.mehackit.org

Of course, do let us know if you have any questions or thoughts. We’d all love to help in any way we can.

Good luck!


I have been teaching Sonic Pi to students in my music classroom for 3 years. I would be happy to share any resources or ideas.

I also documented my first year teaching Sonic Pi in multiple blog posts on this site in the educator section. Here is the first week. Anything with the title ‘My year teaching Sonic Pi’ would be part of that series of posts. I have made several adjustments since then which I’d be happy to talk more about if you are interested.

Good Luck!


Wow, you´re Sam Aaron in self.
I meted the Sonic Pi thanks to BrazilJS Youtube Channel in this video:

I Real like Sonic Pi it´s a good Tool, thanks all involved in this beautiful project !