Hardware requirements to get started with a Raspberry Pi


I’ve been meaning to use Sonic Pi for a while now, but I’ve got an incompatible Linux setup. I plan to order a Raspberry Pi 4b with 2 gigs of RAM pretty soon (for unrelated reasons) and I was wondering if there are any additional hardware requirements to get started on a Pi (cooling elements, soundcards, etc)? Would the fact that I can’t run Sonic Pi on my computer interfere with using it on a Raspberry Pi?

Thanks in advance,

Hi there
My .deb file for Sonic Pi 3.2.2 see here will work fine on a Pi4 with 2Gb (although you will have more flexibility with 4Gb if you want to use it with several other programs simultaneously). The Sonic Pi version supplied on Rasbian Buster OS does NOT fully work as it doesn’t support Midi or OSC commands, so you are better installing version 3.2.2 which is a simple process. I have published several videos showing Sonic PI running on Pi4 on my youtube site (user rbn1tube). It is worth buying a usb sound card (I have used some TechRise from Amazon fro about £10) as they can give a lower latency than the built in sound on the Pi. I also use a Pimoroni fan shim to keep my Pi4 cool. The PI4 works well with external midi devices with usb connectors, and with the software synths Qsynth and Helm both of which I use.