Different sound in browser

Forgive me if this question has been asked before. I did try a search.

I copied the code from the Acid Walk on the web site, into the stand-alone Windows app. It didn’t have the same richness when playing in the app. Are there some settings that I’ve missed in the setup? I’m using the same machine for both.

Hi !

You speak about the acid walk available on https://sonic-pi.net/

you are right maybe Sam Aaron uses redirection to change the outputs… Sure the result in sonic pi is more “dry”

It is likely that the audio file has been processed from a .wav file (which is normally saved by Sonic Pi) to .mp3 or other format in order to work in the web player in the website. In the process (no pun intended!) may well have been enhanced with other effects, eg normalisation, further reverb etc.

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