Debugger Mode / Stack of Sounds

It would be neat to have a visual panel of the recent functions / loops added to the playlist.

Seems like an implementation would look something like:

  • Create new visual panel within some UI component
  • Hold a Stack data structure held within the state management system
  • Include #'s to the next of the stack of live_loops / threads currently playing
  • On each run, do a diff of the new run vs. the last run, and add to the stack

This feature might sit nicely within a “Debugger mode” where a user can easily switch these sounds on and off within the panel, or other ways to tune a certain sound.

Nice idea - simple and useful. You (or someone) could build something similar using an OSC client like TouchOSC or

If one wants to get list of running loop names now I found one way to do it when developing ziffers. This list of loops can be printed out or visualized in some other tool via OSC as suggested.