Code of Conduct Discussion Thread

Hi folks,

Sam asked me to look into adding a Code of Conduct and putting together enforcement guidelines and a team to handle disputes. This is something that’s been close to my heart for some time, but I was initially focused on providing some code to Sonic Pi and have been away for many months dealing with my own personal life.

I’m hoping that there won’t be much resistance to doing this, and that there are members of the moderation team who would be interested in helping to shape how we do this, as the purpose is ultimately to serve the community and ensure that the sonic-pi community excels at being a welcoming one, not merely a tolerant one.

The two CoC’s that I think make the most sense to look at as a statement of principal are the Contributor Covenant.

And supercollider’s CoC, as our projects are fairly tightly linked and I think it’s also excellent.

We are of course welcome to write our own, or modify either of the above, but establishing what we want the CoC to say is only part of it. We must also have a person or group of people willing to engage in helping the community resolve disputes, and ensure that the community is abiding by the CoC.

The Contributor Covenant page also has some resources for the setup and operation of enforcement, and I would encourage folks to look at those as well.

I invite everyone to provide their thoughts or ask questions, which I will do my best to answer.


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A bump and another request for input from folks. Anyone interested in assisting with this effort at this time?

Hi @factoid,

I think the Supercollider CoC is entirely okay for now. It can always be adapted if necessary, can’t it? It is short, which I think at this point is an advantage.

I think it is too long…I love the principles but ‘hate’ the examples…The actual conduct will always be judged by the moderators against the principles and not teh examples. From a pragmatic view we can just do the copy cat trick and we are live with a code of conduct.