A question about Ruby and Sonic Pi

A first post “hello” to everyone. Happy to be part of the community and looking forward to experimenting with algorithmic music. My musical experience includes playing classical, folk and blues guitar for 46 years. I’ve also dabbled in composing some electronic music occasionally.

So, my question, How much of the Ruby interpreter is exposed in Sonic Pi? I’m making an assumption that most, or possibly all the basic Ruby language and constructs can be used along with Sonic Pi commands. Is this so?

Any information or clarification is appreciated. Cheers.

Hi @TheTraveler,

I do not have a profound knowledge of the technical details of Sonci Pi. But you might take one of Sam’s postings as a provisional answer. I do see and use Sonic Pi as a selfcontained system with some occasional detours, where I rely on native Ruby (knowing that this might not be supported in upcoming versions).

Anyway, welcome to this forum and welcome to Sonic Pi!

Thank you Martin for that insight and link. Seeing as Sonic Pi is still a “moving target” development wise, I should probably stick to the established API as a hedge against possibly breaking things in the future. The side effect is I won’t have to learn yet another full scripting language … :slight_smile: